World of Wine: Fizz and Sweeties (Leeds)

World of Wine: Fizz and Sweeties (Leeds)

Come along and enjoy a decadent evening of fine sparkling and dessert wines! For many people the glass of fizz at the start of the meal and the glass of pudding wine at the end of it are the most enjoyable drinks of the evening, so we thought- lets have a whole tasting devoted to them!

These are wines which are truely crafted by the wine maker, the processes involved in making the wine sparkle or concentrating its sugars, are the key here. We will try different Champagne look-a-likes from the New World, alongside a glass of the real thing! We will taste a selection of sweet wines and learn about the three key ways of creating that sweeter style. It is sure to be a fascinating and delicious evening!

Part 1: Sparkling Wines

Champagne is one of the most iconic wines in the world- tonight we will learn about the historical method which gives us this beautiful bubbly. We will touch on the imput of figures such as Dom Perignon (the cheery looking chap in the photo!), Lily Bollinger and Vueve Clicquot, whose Champagnes are now so familar to us. We will also discuss the technical terms behind the labels such as 'NV', 'Brut' and 'Blanc de Blanc': what do these actually tell us about the drink inside the bottle? But the world of sparkling wine is far more diverse than Champagne alone; we will examine other wines, made in the image of Champagne, and ask 'are the as good?' and 'are the really so different from the real thing?'. We will also talk about the rise of Prosecco, this sparkling Italian wine is made in a very different way to Champagne, but its popularity has exploded in recent years- why is it so popular? Plenty to learn about, taste and discuss in this line-up!

Part 2: Sweet Wines

The British have a proud history of enjoying a glass of Port or Sauternes after a good meal, but this is a category of wine which has been increasingly overlooked in recent times. Sweet wines can be seen as out of touch or old fashioned, the terms on the label can seem unfamilar to today's consumers. This part of the evening aims to re-introduce you to sweet wines in a big way! From Rutherglen Muscat to Beerenauslese Riesling to Tokaji, this is a varied and exciting new world of wine! We will show you the key methods for producing dessert wines, allow you to taste examples of each and match them with different foods to show how you can best enjoy them. Lusciously rich and concentrated, like a fruit and honey bomb in your mouth, these are wines you don't want to miss!

All tastings include; minimum of 6 wines sourced locally so you can find them easily if you like them, full tasting notes, tasting sheet, use of professional tastings glasses and nibbles.


Places remaining: 12

Course Date/Time: Thu 1st Oct 2020 at 7pm-9pm

Duration: 2 hours

Venue: Radisson Blu, The Light.

Event Price: £27.50







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