Where in the World? (Leeds)

Where in the World? (Leeds)

Our fabulous Blind Wine Tasting Evening is perfect for all you budding wine detectives out there! We'll be tasting a total of 6 wines tonight, all of which will be 'blind' (wrapped up so you won't know what they are), and here's the catch... the wines will all be from the same country, but which one?

Blind wine tasting can be great fun- it means you judge the wines on the flavours and aromas which you experience and not the price or the grape variety on the label. Our previous blind wine tasting sessions have unearthed some real surprises; wine schoolers voting for £5 bottles over £20 bottles when they don't know which is which, for example! This evening won't be about guessing the price of wines, it won't be about guessing the grape variety either; it'll be about deploying your sleuthing skills to deduce which country could be capable of producing all these wines... 

This is a tough challenge, so naturally your wine school host Laura will be on hand to offer plenty of clues, tips and hints. This will be a great evening for those of you who are keen to hone your tasting skills and anyone who wants to understand how the geography of specific countries can impact directly on the wines produced. 

We'll taste the wines as a group, and you'll be offered plenty of advice, and you'll sit round tables to create teams- and you'll be able to debate together and swap your ideas. We'll discuss the role of climate, the characteristics of different grape varieties, traditional winemaking techniques and you'll get to put your tasting skills to the test. This is bound to be a fun and hotly contested evening at the Wine School! Book quickly if you want to be part of it...

Places remaining: 16

Course Date/Time: Fri 8th Nov 2019 at 7pm-9pm

Duration: 2 hours

Venue: Radisson Blu, The Light

Event Price: £25.00







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